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now. ukraine's president says he's ready to re-establish a truce in the country's east but the army steps up the offensive on defined cities with more residential areas coming under fire. saudi arabia sends thirty thousand troops the border with iraq after a wave of radical islamist insurgents drive away border guards. and refugees draw in dozens of migrants barricade themselves in the school building demanding to turn it into a refugee center. and
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i welcome you watching r.t. international coming to you live from moscow. now despite ukraine's leader petro poroshenko signaling he may be ready for another cease fire violence in eastern ukraine rages on the ukrainian leader told us vice president joe biden he may reestablish the truce during a phone call but let's see what's going on on the ground at the moment so these pictures are from the city of climate tosk one of the main targets of kiev's military operation ukrainian forces have stepped up artillery fire there since the truce ended on monday and as you can see residential areas are coming under heavy fire some shells exploded at a playground and government forces say one man was killed and twenty injured in the recent attacks but a year ago you. know it did you might. very well larry god is no good you're used
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to be and you will be it. is that you who are got the large will. still be known to all go. along with. this is the video we're getting from our plea agency in the small village of congress a local bearing those killed by an army airstrike on cheese day eleven people lost their lives then including a five year old child one ukrainian commander suggested it was an accident had bad not to target residential areas. let's go. with that word is. the word is you know you nobody's coming with you. immediately even if you plan to use don't you know it is no. more. news now you are covering. new year's eve been so good to beat
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you can you come get. well here russian t.v. crew gets caught in the crossfire in the cities for vans that happened on thursday you can hear loud explosions the channel one journalist tried to hide from the bombardment a camera man from the same t.v. station was killed in the region on monday. ukrainian troops have also been making presence in the social media with videos like this seeing on the web they are short in good quality presenting army regiments as well organized combat units picked up by media outlets across the world well are to know when to say the reality behind you say. members of the ukrainian army's elite units demonstrate their very special equipment. this. is
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this new. consumer the reason. for this is there. are proper one. the national guard was created four months ago to bolster the country's defenses its fighters were supposed to get the best and mission but so far they say they've been fed with empty promises and stale bread for the most of we had to got most of the brats from the same love job of the year they only have a small edible part in the middle but there are a lot of people here they're calling for this is the army's position outside slovyansk the key battleground and was killed calls its anti terror appear ration and while the president declares it's active and decisive phase five is on the ground a confused as to where they stand often literally. a couple of more than
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of the outgoing they're going to be i'm allergic to all of them and i think that there are going to be possible without them within europe i was just going to go where there are you know if you come when you will it is almost you are just going to do it as a lot of them no matter how hard it gets everyone should do what they're supposed to do when it would if that happens will when very quickly later we're going to. get in the way as fast as two weeks the minister believes but many don't this is realistic stressed i mean there's nothing terrifying about returning to check point out it's been attacked ocoee worries us is what will happen next will we doubt our armies capabilities of the us. to begin with the future looked bright for ukraine's soldiers and officers as well as those volunteer in to join the military. we are very clear it you this will be our priority army volunteers will get the equivalent of only five dollars per day and
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solid life insurance as well. but it seems that president bush and co has not managed to keep the promises made in his election campaign they say they've paid the salaries but we didn't get any money my husband didn't get it and they keep promising it will happen to more of my two year old daughter walked after this morning and said that she's hungry what i'm supposed to tell her as a response to the country's inability to take care of its own service personnel a number of unlined fund raising complaints were launched this is just one of many such projects they have raised enough to purchase a drone and some ammunition but most of the purchases are still in progress kids large scale operation is in full sweep but with the lack of basic supplies and weaponry many complain they are not been sent to fight but rather to die. well while struggling to crush the unrest in the east the leaders in here also have
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another major issue on their hands a looming gas crisis and that's sending shivers all the way to their partners in europe here's the warning from the e.u. energy commissioner he says ukraine has three months to fill up its gas the post to avert a crisis while gazprom fish ukraine may start siphoning off gas destined for europe to make up the shortfall meanwhile russian prime minister dmitry medvedev believes there could be a full scale gas crisis as soon as the autumn making the claim on his facebook page . and russia's energy giant as i said gazprom also says its european customers may start receiving less fuel in several months and if we head over here are trying to explain why with the use of this map. well to remind you new countries are hugely reliant on russian gas that flows to europe vie ukraine will moscow cut off supplies to kiev after it failed to pay its debt but it is sending fuel to its european customers but if it doesn't have enough gas for its own use there are
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fears kiev will start taking gas destined for europe and that's happened twice before in two thousand and six and in two thousand and nine geo political analyst william angle thinks brussels should put more pressure on kiev to avert another cold winter e.q. officials are really acting very stupidly in this whole creating into the issue they should be putting enormous pressure on the kiev government to come to their senses europe is dependent asked from russia that gas right now goes through ukrainian pipelines but fortunately the e.u. commission is trying to block the gas from sal street pipeline which was discovered around the ukraine. as does the north pipeline so i think your policy is really flying blind i don't know who is right in the short. but it certainly has nothing to do with the interests of the european union for a stable economy and stable energy prices. still to come here on r.t.
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international is whiskey not champagne is the u.k. launch is a new area the british queen is heading to skull flint to christen the u.k.'s biggest ever warship well the future of britain's new system remains in question ahead of the independence referendum. which you had the militants making significant advances in iraq saudi arabia has started moving military personnel from syria with the war torn country the reports come after iraqi troops are reported to be withdrawing from the area something baghdad denies. that the. saudi arabia has reportedly sent thirty thousand troops to its border with iraq across that border is a cauldron of sectarian infighting the isis is so it's a radical sunni jihadi are well armed and well funded saudi arabia also sunni doesn't want to be officially associated with the isis but it's hardly an innocent
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bystander many of the isis is most violent frontline fighters are believed to be saudi nationals there are widespread reports that wealthy donors in saudi arabia had been funding the isis throughout their fight in syria and beyond riyadh may now say that it is nothing to do with the rise of this radical group that it itself is spread by but experts believe saudi arabia has helped create the floors in ways more than just providing funding and fighters they need to think. that this and i think. saudi arabia means studio. a lot of their teaching contributed to that to you. just in the span of several years bolstered by the fight against assad in syria the isis has advanced so far as to declare an islamic caliphate across the territories that it now controls both iraq and syria the question is what the saudi arabia sees the isis. as
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a series. it has warned against foreign military interference in iraq and now iran is reportedly sending fighter jets to help the iraqi government fight the jihad its army. will saudi arabia sit still lots of questions one thing is clear the cauldron of sick parian tensions is only getting more explosive in washington i'm going to check out our team meanwhile german journalist man moxon reich writer believes riyadh is seeking to gain the upper hand in the region one site they finance and they support isis with their actions on the other side they supply their troops to the border ready for interfering so this is also a justification and of course an excuse for maybe later on entering iraq saudi arabia wants to play since a long time the role of the region the leading power in middle east and iraq as well as syria by the way very important battlefields and the biggest competition
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for saudi arabia of course is iran iran is the big state at the influential state with a lot of influence also on the shia population in iraq iraq is mixed we know that so saudi arabia tries there to expand their influence washington meanwhile has left the door open to an expanded role for its military in iraq with one general saying as strikes remain an option but russia's president believes america's involvement in so far proved destructive. school bus would not look like a bull in a china shop they came they salvaged the place and then left and all this with a noble pretext and good intentions and everything falls apart can also and collapse rule it. we discuss the legacy of america's occupation with security analyst michael maloof and he thinks the u.s. has opened a pandora's box in the region. they were aware of the disputes the sectarian
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disputes between the sunni's on the shia and the but i don't think they ever saw isis really take off the way the way that it did at the moment nobody is there to actually stop them in terms of military capability they are exercising some very professional type of military tactics and the question is will they be able to govern the territory that they've been able to take over the show in a very professional slick approach toward establishing this caliphate and and they're moving on still to come you still using online services that let you can see your identity and location well that actually means that your a potential terrorist in the eyes of america's national security agency but the details coming up. at the immigration policies have reached boiling point in berlin after dozens of
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refugees barricaded themselves in an abandoned building and threatened to kill themselves their plight has attracted crimes are protesters to the city center furious at what they claim is the unfair treatment of the refugees peter all of which there. when it comes to refugees the message from german leaders is clear. solidarity is first and foremost a basis for any relationship and a symbol of a democracy the refugees who arrive in the italian maltese coast are not just up to it's really or malta to deal with however this is the reality around sixty people are currently holed up in the abandoned schoolhouse just behind me here in central and they're angry it's the way they see refugees being treated here in germany now what we have seen is a standoff between them and police this road here in the center of the german capital has been shot so often is a large police presence here they have told me that they have no immediate plans
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for a deadline for when they would have to leave the building and no plans as of yet to clear them out what we have seen is a large group of demonstrators gather at either end of the streets there here to say to show their solidarity with these refugees and they're angry at what they see as a double standard by the german government when it comes to refugee rights but if you put on the house and put a supply of the weapons that are used in the conflicts that man these people had to flee then we don't let them work and put them in camps when they get here yet it's our laws that deal with these people are very repressive and inhumane they make it so hard for people to stay here they're actually recognised as refugees from the u.n. convention to come back or to afghanistan to sudan to other countries where it's more west persecution but germany doesn't accept this status they just want to push them back into to delhi or depart and back into countries after making the
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dangerous journey to europe to refugees in germany are often put into camps many of those inside the school which includes refugees from ghana nigeria and syria to part of five hundred kilometer march from southern germany to the capital in twenty twelve and up until april of this year. they were camped out in a city park trying to raise awareness of refugee rights they want to be able to work and for their asylum applications to be processed faster some of been waiting years to find out their fate police are understood to be in favor of evacuating the building some opposition politicians are hoping a solution can be found that sees the group allowed to state the abandoned school that. there should be no violent eviction of the refugees from the school one week into the standoff tensions are running high between police and protesters despite the words of the german president about doing more to help refugees this district
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in berlin remains in draw over what they see as hypocrisy and asylum peter oliver r.t. berlin well germany says it's ready to take in tens of thousands more refugees from war torn syria but as political commentator mohammedans are told as the country's immigration policies are not that welcoming whilst chancellor merkel and the german government have been extending a hand towards syrian refugees and asylum seekers who are there what we've also seen at the same time is a hardening in in attitudes towards refugees germany is the country in europe which is most likely to imprison refugees they have a. very intolerant social attitude towards refugees as we've seen over the last few days with the recent standoff with african and north african and syrian refugees who are holed up in a local school where we need to start encouraging a more broad based education which looks more inclusively at the contribution of those communities to european life not just looking merely questions of integration
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hardline counterterrorism policies and other policies but we look for marginalized and alienate in a culture of hysteria minorities who come from other parts of the world. still ahead prepare for one more sort she twenty fourteen event the countdown starts for ruddy's the host of formula one grand prix this autumn. a new generation of aircraft carrier is about to be officially named by the british queen on friday she travels to scotland for the ceremony the queen elizabeth is the first of two warships being built at a cost of over ten billion dollars and it's expected to be her majesty's last official engagement in scotland before yes no referendum on staying part of the u.k. in september artie's party boy has this report. it's birth is taking place in scotland which is why the queen is christening the u.k.'s new super carrier with whiskey
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instead of champagne is the largest ship ever built for the royal navy and according to the u.k.'s defense secretary it's a demonstration of britain at its very best with workers from across the union contributing the royal navy has sixteen ships and submarines and two royal marines commando units based in scotland the s.n.p. has promised to maintain a all military establishment in scotland like the one where the new carrier is being launched today in the event of independence the s.n.p. has even said that an independent scotland would have a share in some of britain's defense equipment potentially including fighter jets and ships a suggestion that coalition ministers have described as rise of pole but the problem is that at the moment there's simply no agreement over what would happen to britain's defense says if scotland were to leave the union the u.k.'s first scene lord has warned that the royal navy is already constrained by budget cuts and the
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split with scotland would further weaken the effectiveness of britain's maritime defenses since the s.n.p. say that they would abolish nuclear weapons in the event of a yes vote many questions surround the future of trying to end the u.k. submarine based missile system that stationed in western scotland tridents unique deep water location is of key strategic importance as it provides quick access to the atlantic finding somewhere else to park the u.k.'s nuclear deterrent would be a long and complicated process that's likely to make nato extremely nervous and impact on britain's international standing scotland's had a historical role in the royal navy at the battle of trafalgar almost a third of nelson's men was thought. but if they vote yes to independence forces new u.s. super acro off the carrier could be the last to be launched in scottish water is.
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see. meanwhile both sides in the in or campaign promise to step up kevin i mean discuss the possible scenarios with campaign this. i feel depressed at the thought of scotland breaking away i think it diminishes us all to be quite honest i don't think the s.n.p. had really thought through in detail the implications of some things and defense was one of the ones they haven't thought it through in great detail i think when we talk about defense and independent scotland all roads eventually lead to tried and the fast lane based on the clyde and scottish government which is by no means a done deal then it would seek the speediest and safest removal of trident from scottish territory u.k. government's position has been that they don't think this will happen cost of redeploying at the trident the ballistic missile submarines and the weapons is huge
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i've talked to the head of some of the big firms that have small offshoots in scotland they will move south it will be a catastrophe for scottish defense industry the senate defense interests itself will be feeling very very carefully looking at their options at what they should be doing britain's defense force survive without scotland assets and interests yes of course it will survive the if it should scotland separate the remainder of the u.k. will still have defense forces see area air space is crucially important to us all but of course we would we would actually fight to look after them that an independent scotland supplication to join nato was successful then. scotland would come under the article five of the north atlantic treaty and would expect the rest of the nato organization to come to their aid and vice versa. when we ran the snooping could be tablet computer overnight dot com we hear you have deals with
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online billions by physically disconnecting its camera a microphone. so this arthur is coming is the hurricanes biros upbeat anti case new york residents are granted a spectacular light. before the thunderstorm touches down. but i just revelations on america's national security agency is that it views all uses of encryption software as potential terrorist just visiting websites which hide uses ip addresses on the agency's radar also even searching information about them on the internet one of the whistle blows who has been testifying to a parliamentary committee in germany on thursday believes current laws are failing to curb mass surveillance it doesn't it doesn't do what needs to be done i mean they need to have. they did have a process that does limits what n.s.a. looks at and can take in and store in its databases so that other like more
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enforcement or other agencies in the government can take advantage of it and use it illegally but fundamentally boils down to the respect for the rights of others and the rights to privacy and their their rights to be left alone that's the foundation of our constitution you can take a look at that the storage facilities they're building you get an idea of how much they're taking in like a million square foot storage facility in bluffdale utah another six hundred thousand square foot facility they're starting to build they started last summer in in fort meade on fort meade and then a four hundred thousand square foot facility they have down in san antonio and other stories that they've had existing all along at fort meade as well as other facilities around the world. let's have a quick look now at some other news from around the world the israeli military has bolstered forces along the volatile border with the garza strip the move came in response to intensifying rocket fire and mounting tension in the region officials say the deployment includes tanks artillery and ground forces meanwhile in tel aviv
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a demonstration took place condemning the violence between israel and palestine protest also took place in east jerusalem where palestinians mourn for the death of a teenager earlier this week. elsewhere a fly over has collapsed in southeast brazil killing two people leaving at least nineteen injured the accident took place in bell orders on one of the city's hosting the world cup the bridge was reportedly still under construction when it came down it is now officially a hundred days to go until formula one grand prix racing comes to russia for the first time the big event will take place in sochi on october twelfth further enhanced seeing the black sea resort reputation as a sporting hub with more on the preparations is neil harvey. the race is on for the southern resort of sochi to bits to transform itself from
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a limper coast into the venue for this year's russian drum. this is organizers hope it will look for now though the reality is quite different the main grandstand still in the construction and the track still being late but the sortie team are confident their circuit will be both on time and world class is going to be fine i think most most our foreign circuits are similar in the sense of very very kind of last minute delivery i think is going to quite challenging for a lot of drivers we have a couple of very interesting turns here which i think will be challenging. some strains of the drivers in a different way it's not been easy for the organizers who are tasked with constructing a track that could weave its way intricately through sort she's a limb pick village and at high speed. so to make that happen they drafted in one of the best in the business german track guru hand until care who came up with this design and the early feedbacks to be believed seems
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a tilt didn't disappoint behind me you'll see that but this part of the course just imagine twenty two drivers racing down here at three hundred twenty kilometers an hour their top speed and then they break sharply for this turn to the tightest part of the course just thirty metres from side to side just imagine the bottleneck in the potential problems they all try to squeeze through here. that was battled through here they pick up speed up towards three hundred kilometers an hour if they sweep their way around this majestic picturesque bend take them around battle plaza and back into the more recognizable surroundings of the olympic village we took the chance to test out the track ourselves but we weren't the only ones the formula one road show served as a test drive for the big event while also giving russians a tantalizing taste of big. and the glamour that lie ahead for the final layer of the track to be laid in august it seems that for organizers the finish line is literally in sight that my not be the case in the future therefore in chief bernie
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ecclestone keen on turning the russian grand prix into a night race does what mr ecclestone sincerely wants this is a beautiful idea definitely this year race starts at three pm and it will be a race but for the next years i'm sure that the one year such a grand prix will be of the night race night or day though it's unlikely to matter too much to the officials in sochi he won the bid to make the city a global sporting mecca but no this is one race that's only just begun reporting from sochi this is neil harvey farty. and one for the diary to tell you where that saw from me for the moment i'm back with more news in half an hour up next i was having martin and breaking. on marriage in the financial world. act to goldman having not started
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yet only take the credit. in life there are june and there are but. the temp is about seven years old it's one of the largest ten cities on the east coast of america and six got about one hundred people here just because of economics the cost of housing in this area especially is very high and i believe as an american we have a right. to camp out or compose a mass public land until something is created that's my house you see back there live in it sent them to well good we spent tens and that was in the dollar. if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have been home and i want you to understand we don't just how do you know people of density we don't anybody that needs help so tell your friend to just give us a normal take care of him or get a mistake on never going to get a sense that he.


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